We Supply Retail Ready Devices.


At CommSell, We supply companies of various sizes with used graded devices such as Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG Smartphones, Flip Phones, and more. We are based out of St. Louis, MO, and distribute globally.

PhoneCheck Tested

All our devices are checked and tested through PhoneCheck to ensure quality control in every device.

Retail Ready Grade

All of the devices we sell are sold as retail ready grade(unless otherwise noted) which means all of our devices are ready for a showcase!

Easy Ordering

We offer one-page easy ordering made specifically for wholesalers in our industry. This ensures a speedy and efficient ordering process.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum order?

The minimum order allowed is 5 units of each device.

What is the preferred payment method?

We follow industry practice and accept Wire Transfer. We may offer custom solutions on a case by case basis that could carry payment fees.

How can I sign up?

We are currently accepting new clients! To sign up to use our online portal you may either contact us directly through our Contact Page or use our registration form in the main menu.

Are all your devices unlocked?

Yes! Unless specifically stated most devices we sell are unlocked to any carrier.

What is the Grading Scale we use?

Our Grading Scale is available online in our main to see the quality of our grading. Unless specifically stated we do not sell C stock devices or any device with a broken display, iCloud locked, etc. All devices available online are Retail Ready!

Do you sell handset only or boxed and kitted?

The choice is yours! On every device you select, you have the choice of selecting Handset Only or Add a Box and Accessories!